Roofseals Metal Roof Over Cladding systems can be supplied with Trapezoidal or Sinusoidal profiles which are then fixed to the structure of a building, to provide a weatherproof surface which is both secure and aesthetically pleasing. Our cladding panels can be laid vertically or horizontally and are available in a range of colours.

Metal Roof Cladding can be utilised as single skin or a part of a built-up insulated system. All profiles are CE Marked, giving assurance of conformity to European Product Standards.

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Single Skin Overclad Roofing

Roofseals single skin and overclad installations are a more affordable entry level cladding system. These type of roofing systems are most commonly used to overclad (or wrap) existing walls and roofs, including asbestos roofing. Once in place theses roofing systems provide a newer more refreshed look to buildings, without going to the expense of built up or composite cladding systems, these roofing systems are available with varying thicknesses of insulation. Single skin and overclad installations are ideal in environments where minimal disruption to the business is required. Contact Roofseals for more information on commercial roofing systems.

RubberGard Roofing

Roofseals specialise in RubberGard EPDM commercial roofing. This is a synthetic rubber single-ply waterproofing membrane for flat and low slope roofs of commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Roofseals install this type of roof as It offers outstanding durability, resilience and adaptability to current and future building needs. Unlike other roofing membrane products on the market, RubberGard is flame-free, this makes the onsite working and installation safer to install. Being a single-ply membrane, it offers a lightweight roofing solution that is quick and easy to install.

Total peace of mind for a very long time, that is what the RubberGard EPDM roofing membrane has to offer. Properly formulated EPDM membranes show an unmatched resistance to ozone, UV radiation and extreme temperatures. As they do not contain any plasticizers or flame retardants, their characteristics remain stable and unchanged over time. Studies show that EPDM roofing membranes have a life expectancy of more than 50 years.

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